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Our Customer Success Stories

Discover how Gunship Technologies has been instrumental in transforming businesses across diverse sectors. Our customer success stories showcase the impact of our innovative solutions and strategic partnerships in meeting the unique needs of our clients.

Telco in India

Cloud Platform for Nationwide ISP Monitoring

Gunship Technologies implemented and now manages a scalable Cloud platform across 47 locations in India, ensuring seamless ISP monitoring compliant solutions with C-DOT standards.

Network Services

Mobile Backhaul Infrastructure for Pan-India Connectivity

Gunship Technologies successfully implemented over 1000 Mobile Backhaul Carriers Ethernet Network (CEN) routers & Mobile Packet Backbone Network (MPBN) routers, creating a robust infrastructure to support high-speed connectivity for 4G/5G services.

Telco in Africa

Datacenter Modernisation Across 14 Countries

Gunship Technologies spearheaded the datacenter modernisation initiative, implementing scalable solutions to meet the evolving technological needs in diverse African regions.

Enterprise in India

Comprehensive Datacenter and Campus Networking Solutions

Gunship Technologies planned, designed, and successfully implemented datacenter and campus networking solutions, enhancing connectivity and collaboration capabilities for the enterprise.

Datacenter in India

Live Datacenter Migration for 500+ network assets

Gunship Technologies successfully accomplished migration of Datacenter with live 500+ network assets comprising of Network Nodes, Computes, Database & NMS applications.